Telstra brand spoofed in $500 gift card phishing scam



Spotted on 15 October by email filtering provider MailGuard, the phishing scam purports to be from Telstra and appears to be a notification from the telco.

 It looks as if Telstras branding has yet again been used as part of a phising campaign to gain confidential information from users.

“Using a display name of ‘Telstra’ with a domain to match, the email actually originates from a single forged email address,” MailGuard said in a blog post. “It is titled ‘$500 Citibank Visa prepaid gift card reward’.

“The email’s body incorporates the Telstra logo and branding and advises the recipient that they need to claim their gift card reward before ‘18/10/2019’. A ‘claim link’ is provided for recipients to click on to access their gift card,” the company said.

According to MailGuard, recipients who click on the link to claim their award are redirected to a second URL which simulates a Telstra login page. This is a phishing page designed to obtain confidential data about users.

“When the user inserts their login credentials, they are then led to a blank page, which is probably meant to simulate a slow connection or unreachable destination,” MailGuard said.

One of the key features of this scam to look out for, MailGuard said, is the inclusion of detailed delivery instructions in the email, informing users that they will need to verify their identity when they are claiming their reward and that ‘a signature is required for collection’.