Stay Smart Online has just issued a New AFP traffic infringment scam email.

These widely circulated fake emails look convincing at first glance, but the subject line ‘Your info about violation is now public’ does not sound official.

Clues that this is a scam email include that it is not personally addressed, there are no details about your number plate or the offence, and the fine includes cents.

In addition, there is nothing in the email that relates to your personal information now being public, only some fake details about the traffic infringement.

There have been numerous similar scam emails in circulation over recent weeks with variations on the ‘notice’ theme.

If the ‘notice’ is downloaded onto your computer, it may install financial Trojan malware that can steal your banking credentials and empty your account.

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For Tips on how on what to do when you receive one of these emails please call us on 07 5481 1410