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Windows 10 For Beginners

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    With Windows 8, we saw a radical departure from any Windows operating system we knew in recent times. The Start menu was gone and it mostly worked off a tiled-based system rather than the desktop. There was an outcry from users who were adverse to change, but Microsoft listened, and Windows 10 sees the return to a system we all know and love. The Start menu is back. But the tiled system isn’t redundant, it has been integrated into the Start menu, and you can view your apps in a Start screen manner if you want to. Windows 10 also sees the introduction of your own, voice- powered personal assistant, Cortana.You can ask her what the weather will be, or ask her to tell you a joke. That’s not all, Microsoft have retired Internet Explorer, and introduced Microsoft Edge, annotate web pages, create reading lists and browse the internet in style. Go forth and discover exactly what Windows 10 has to offer. Enjoy the book.

Office 2016 For Beginners

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