Looks like E-Toll and Aus-Post Scams are again doing the rounds. This one was just released as a high priority from “Stay Safe Online”.

These scam emails use the same ‘View in OneDrive’ hook to entice email users to download malware onto their computer:

E-toll malware email

Auspost malware email

Don’t click on the ‘View in OneDrive’ link—it will take you to a web page where you will be advised to download a file that may install malware onto your computer. (At the time of issue the type of malware has not been confirmed, but is most likely ransomware.)

The AusPost scam emails may be sent from ‘AusPost Service Notification’, with a randomised subject line similar to ‘AusPost Track – 123456789 -100-98765 Monday September’.

E-Toll scam emails may be sent from ‘Road Service Notification’ with a subject line like ’E-toll account statement [1234567]- September 2017’.

AusPost and E-Toll emails containing links to other file sharing services such as Google Drive have also been reported.

What to do if you receive one of these scam emails

If you receive fake emails like these, delete them immediately.

To find out how to protect yourself from malware, go to Stay Smart Online.

If you guys have any questions about these scams please feel free to message us.