1.FaceTime with Non-Apple users

We know that if you’re in Apple land then it usually means that a lot of the features require other Apple users to interact with. This is all changing with the FaceTime feature as you are now able to invite non-Apple users to FaceTime Calls. There will not be a FaceTime app for Android or Windows however someone on an Apple device will generate a link for their FaceTime call and the non-apple parties can join from a web browser.

2. FaceTime getting the Zoom feel.

Since Covid Lockdowns, the word Zoom has been synonymous with video calling. Apple wants to break that and move people back to FaceTime. With iOS 15 you will see new features like blurred backgrounds, audio modes that allow you to block out background sounds or actually allow omnidirectional sounds if you have a few people in the room all wanting to be heard. The new grid view allows you to see up to six video chat members in equal size squares and just as zoom does, FaceTime now integrates into your calendar allowing for FaceTime links to be added into your daily schedules. 

3. Live Text

This is one you may have seen a little bit about as everyone seems excited about this.  This feature uses Optical Character Recognition to scan text with your iPhone Camera as well as photos, safari and Screenshots. You can then interact with that text.  For example, you take a picture of a phone number of a local business that you want to call.  The live text feature will allow you to dial that number straight from the picture. Alternatively, the picture contains an address. Apple Maps will direct you there. 

4. Focus Mode

Notifications can be one of the most distracting ways to pull us from focused work. Focus enhances the Do Not Disturb features.  It allows you to create “profiles” depending on the time of day and your location to allow you to block notifications from certain apps and even contacts from getting through. For Example, you know that you are easily distracted by Facebook and Instagram notifications when you are working at the office. You can set up a profile that allows you to turn off any notifications from Facebook and Instagram when you are at your office and you can check the app manually when you are ready or you are on a break.

5. Here the biggy – Account Recovery Contacts

We have so many people come into the shop who have been locked out of their Apple accounts.  this can be so painful to recover. Apple now allows you to designate one or multiple contacts to be the “key” to recover your account.  If you are going to use any feature I would suggest you use this.